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Student Resources
These are invaluable when writing a paper:
The UVic Writer's Guide WWWebster Dictionary
For those of you attending the Santa Cruz campus of the University of California, these are the links I access most often:
The Navigator Campus Directories Professor Reviews
Course Catalog 1997-98 Summer Session Used Textbook Market
Schedule of Classes Natural Sciences

I truly believe the brain is the most interesting thing that does or ever could exist. Being that all sensation is perceived by the brain, all experience comes from the brain.
The Brain: A Work in Progress
The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
Turn Off Your TV

Some of my friends have web pages. Their tastes in life vary.
Jen If there existed a magazine called PlayGeek, Jen would be their spokeswoman. Beautiful, voluptuous and a huge set of brain hemispheres, she is a cyberpunk's wet dream. The latest I saw her was in an Internet Security class, we hope to be creating a geek house for next year.
Jen's Professor Review page provides a way for UCSC students to help each other discover which teachers are the best at their job.

Matt I met Matt in one of the best classes I have ever experienced, "What is mathematics?". The class was designed to show why mathematicians do what they do, math as an art form. Matt and I culminated the class with a project entitled Truncated Trickery, which he has since turned into an amazing VRML presentation. Astounding visualization skills and a beautiful mathematical intuition assure Matt that he will discover a multitude of mathematical realites.

Michael I think some of the best conversations I ever have are with Mike. He is one of those people with whom you can stay up to the wee hours of the morning talking about anything from mathematics to oil companies to shrines. I am thourougly conviced that he will one day be on Jeopardy and not only win, but correctly question at least 90% of the answers given.
I really like his paper on flywheels as well as his cool biographies page.

Nicole I tried picking up on Nicole in my first quarter calculus class section by eliciting the line "Hey, ever hear of Bucky balls?" Luckily she was a Chem major and the line actually succeeded so far as to get me into her dorm, though not much farther than that. I like many of her philosophies and takes on life, I wish I saw her more often.
Though her page may give off the appearance that Nicole is a goth, she has assured me that no such thing could be farther from the truth.

Vinnie My first year in college, my first year living in those god awful dorms, was definitely more pleasurable having Vinnie as my roommate. Together we explored the deep dankness of the forest, lit up our minds with photonic stimulation, wrote a datebook program in intel assembler for that self-taught computer engineering class, and watched the women pass us by.

Vinnie's page is weird; he has a section about photonic stimulation if you are interested.

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