November 27, 2005

Yeast After Me

For some reason, a couple of lovely artists decided I could taint their show, Repeat After Me, with an attempt at Art (more likely, art). Being in love with the science of complexity, the topic of self-replication has come up more than a few times. Fortunately, my original, colder, less fun idea wouldn't come to fruition in time for the show, so I've been forced towards a more seasonally appropriate goal: the creation, recording, and imbibing of beer.

What better way to say "self-replicate" than helping billions of fungal organisms live and die, drinking their waste in celebration? This is a sound art project whose name is still undecided (though my collaborator Søren and I have a few good ideas). We've field recorded the brew cycle and will be conjuring the sound pieces into an audible reflection of the process. We've got one month to do it. Yikes!

Tonight was the first I've played with the samples. If you are bored and I mean really bored (it's really boring), you can listen to the first exbeeriment. It's here solely as something to look back at when we finish the final piece. Our work (including the crap linked previously) is licensed under the Creative Commons Sample Plus license.

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