Playlist mix2

14 tracks, 1:10:58 total playing time
artist album track name length
Aphex Twin drukqs (cd2) Ruglen Holon 1:49
Kruder & Dorfmeister The K&D Sessions (cd2) Sofa Surfers "Sofa Rockers" (Richard Dorfmeister Remix) 4:30
White Zombie ASTRO-CREEP:2000 Songs of Love, Destruction andother Synthetic Delusions of the Electric Head More Human than Human 4:28
Earth Nation live... Alienated 9:41
Radiohead Amnesiac Like Spinning Plates 3:57
Danilo Perez Central Avenue Panama Blues 4:06
Dark Tranquillity The Mind's I Insanity's Crescendo 6:52
Björk Homogenic Pluto 3:19
DJ Krush Code4109 Final Home (Vocal Version) ft. Esthero 4:24
Kruder & Dorfmeister The K&D Sessions (cd2) Bomb The Bass "Bug Powder Dust" (Dub) 6:20
DJ Krush Code4109 Chie No Wa 4:42
dj Cheb i Sabbah Shri Durga Ganga Dev 6:44
Blue Room Released Signs of Life Turban Bloc "As Above 50 Below" 7:35
Yann Tiersen L'absente la lettre d'explication 2:31

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