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10 tracks, 1:04:18 total playing time
artist album track name length
X Marks the Pedwalk Drawback The Past 5:08
The Cranes Everywhere Everywhere 3:41
Delerium Poem Fallen Icons 6:30
Bauhaus 1979-1983 Volume One Bela Lugosi's Dead 9:37
The Cure Disintegration The Same Deep Water As You 9:21
VNV Nation Praise The Fallen Forsaken 4:49
The Cure Disintegration Prayers For Rain 6:09
Delerium Poem Innocente 6:29
VNV Nation Standing (Burning Empires) (cd1) legion (janus) 6:38
Velvet Acid Christ Twisted Thought Generator Dilaudid 5:56

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